Zyban; Aid to Give Up Smoking

Zyban kills the urge when it crops up in the smoker`s mind very much like the diet pill. A diet pill kills the urge thereby reducing the intake of food. Zyban works in exactly the same manner by killing the urge for smoking when it comes and the smoking habit will gradually fade away. This is the ideal situation obtaining in the use of Zyban. The Zyban functions quite differently from other measures that are being practiced for curing addiction to smoking.

Comparison With Other Measures: It is natural to compare the effectiveness of Zyban with other measures that are being practiced on smokers. These measures aim at reading the person`s urge for nicotine by reducing the nicotine content of what he smokes. This is not a fully effective measure because the smoker still gets small quantity for smoking and it will not be long before the quantity is increased. Zyban has been found to be the most effective in this matter. The better effectiveness is due to different approach to the problem. By taking Zyban, the smoker`s brain gets a number of chemical messengers. These messengers injected by Zyban work on the smoker`s brain, constantly reducing his urge for a smoke. Zyban treatment starts when the patient is unable to give up the habit on his own.

Treatment Of The Smoker: The smoker under Zyban treatment can be considered to be a drug addict undergoing treatment in a de-addiction home. Smoking is universally recognized as a fatal habit and the unfortunate part is that the smoker is fully aware of the consequences of his addiction. Treatment with Zyban is initiated when voluntary efforts fail and external help is required. Zyban works on the smoker`s brain and the results start showing in two weeks time after the first dosage is taken. Zybanis produced in tablet form and is taken orally. The first effects you see may be the withdrawal symptoms. That is only the starting point and treatment with Zyban will have to be continued for two to three weeks. The period varies according to the person.

Administering The Drugs: Zyban comes in a tablet form and iris recommended that the tablet is to be swallowed as it is. It should be noted that if Zyban tablet is crushed or chewed its effectiveness as a drug is reduced and increased in side effects. Similarly only the prescribed number of Zyban tablets should be taken. Taking more or less is also bound to be dangerous. It is a case with missing a dosage of Zyban also. It should be borne in mind that Zyban is a psychiatric drug and unless it is administered in a prescribed manner there will be very adverse side effects like seizures.
During the period of Zyban treatment persons attending on the patient should ensure that he does not smoke. This is most important part of Zyban treatment. During the Zyban treatment period, some side effects do come about and take various forms like abdominal pain, itching, constipation etc. They are all of moderate nature and no serious side effects come about during or after Zyban treatment. These side effects during Zyban treatment are of temporary nature. However, if the symptoms persist the doctor must be consulted immediately. Patients on other drugs should not discontinue their use.

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