Propecia Drug: Information And Prescription

Propecia prevents the conversion of testosterone and it is used to treat the male pattern hair loss on the vertex or the anterior mid-scalp area as it is increasingly becoming common in men and results often by thin hair on the scalp. This may also result in balding on the upper top area of the head. The 1mg Propecia is only prescribed to men, who are experiencing a sudden hair loss or baldness. The Propecia tablets are used for a long time treatment that may start from six months.
It is proved by the studies today that Propecia medication is increasingly becoming the most effective tablet used by a large percentage of men now. The large Propecia dosage is used to treat Benign Prostate Hyperplasia or BPH. Under certain conditions, Propecia is also used for some other treatments.

General Information On Propecia: Propecia is not for women use as Propecia is considered harmful for those women who are pregnant. Propecia tablets are coated to prevent a direct contact with the active ingredient so that the tablet is not crushed or broken. If any woman touches the broken or crushed Propecia accidentally, she should immediately wash her hands. Before you take Propecia, consult your doctor if you ever had an allergic reaction to Propecia or any medication of the similar ingredients.

How To Use Propecia: Propecia is prescribed as a single dosage every day by doctor. You may take Propecia tablets with or with no food. It is swallowed with a full glass of water. Take extra care to keep Propecia medicine away from women and kids. The treatment needs to be started as early as the MPB is diagnosed and then it is carried forward as demanded by the hair loss rate. Studies have also proved that men who stop taking or continuing the treatment start losing all of their hair even that they have previously gained from the use of 1mg Propecia dosage.

Before Taking Propecia: Make sure a safe use of Propecia and consult your doctor before taking Propecia and if you have any of these conditions and problems: liver disease, prostate cancer, muscle disorder in bladder, urination problems, an allergic reaction to a medicine called dutasteride.

Propecia Side Effects: Your doctor may take some blood tests or other kinds of monitoring before starting your treatment with Propecia. One of the tests is called prostate-specific antigen or PSA. This test helps to detect prostate cancer in men. Propecia reduces the PSA amount in the blood. An able doctor will be aware of the effects of Propecia and can detect prostate cancer in male.
However, you should consult your doctor if you encounter any allergic sign or reaction after using Propecia: rash, breathing difficulty, swelling on face, tongue, lips or throat.
Consult your advisor immediately if you notice or feel any pain or any change in breast. This can be alarming for you as it may result in breast cancer.
Propecia may include some more side effects: abnormal ejaculation, swelling on feet or hands, dizziness and weakness, feeling of pass out, headache, dry nose.

Action Mechanism Of Propecia: The active ingredient of Propecia drug is finasteride that has already been approved for treating prostate enlargement. It works by preventing an enzyme named 5-alpha reductase that is also responsible for forming dihydro-testosterone in the male organism. The enzyme ultimately converts testosterone to DHT that is considerably one of the main reasons to cause male pattern hair loss. Finasteride decreases the DHT concentration in male scalp.

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