Sildenafil: A Drug That Treats Erectile Dysfunction And Pulmonary Hypertension

Sildenafil is the prime medication used to treat erectile dysfunction.
Make sure that you tell your doctor if you are taking any over-the-counter or herbal medications. You also need to let your physician know if you have any heart disease conditions such as angina, low or high blood pressure, or a history of strokes or heart attacks. If you are taking Sildenafil for pulmonary hypertension you should let your physician know if you are pregnant.

What Sildenafil Is Used For: When Sildenafil is manufactured under the brand name Revatio, Sildenafil used to help improve the exercising capacity in women and men. In addition, Sildenafil is also used to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension.
When Sildenafil is manufactured under the brand name Viagra, it is used to treat impotence, or erectile dysfunction, in men. Using Sildenafil will not protect you or your partner against any sexual transmitted disease.

How Should You Take Sildenafil: Make sure that you take Sildenafil with eight ounces of water. You should not take both brand names, Viagra and Revatio, together unless your physician instructs you to do so. Follow the directions for taking this medication and do not take it more often than prescribed.
If you are taking Sildenafil for sexual dysfunction, you should take it thirty minutes to one hour before sexual activity but it can be taken up to four hours before. You should not take Sildenafil more than once a day. Taking Sildenafil for sexual dysfunction will help you to have an erection when sexual stimulation happens but just because you took Sildenafil does not mean you will get an erection.
If you are taking Sildenafil under the brand name Revatio, it is normally taken three times a day, four to six hours apart either in oral form or injection.
Standard dosage for Sildenafil depends on what you are taking the medication for.
- Erectile Dysfunction Adult - initial dosage is fifty milligrams and maintenance dosage is twenty-five to one hundred milligrams.
- Pulmonary Hypertension Adult - twenty milligrams orally. Ten milligrams intravenous bolus injection.
- Erectile Dysfunction Senior Citizen - twenty-five milligrams one hour before sexual activity.

Side Effects When Taking Sildenafil : - Breathing problems such as shortness of breath
- Changes in your hearing such as ringing in your ears or sudden hearing loss
- Any changes in your vision including trouble telling blue from green, blurred vision, or sudden vision loss
- Chest pain
- A heartbeat that is fast, irregular
- Painful or prolonged erection lasting more than four hours as this could be a sign of a serious problem and must be treated immediately to prevent any permanent damage.
- Seizures
- Numbness of leg or arm
- Diarrhea
- Flushing of the body or face
- Headache
- Indigestion or upset stomach
- Runny or stuffy nose
- Memory problems
- Back pain

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