Zocor; A Drug For Controlling Cholesterol

Zocor can raise HDL, lower TG levels. It is common that one drug id applied on the human body for a particular purpose, it also has several beneficial effects as is the case with Zocor. One of the most key elements in the use of Zocor is the inhibiting effect it has on the development of atherosclerosis. It also has an effect on LDL going beyond limits. The many beneficial effects of this drug have not so far been explained.

Benefits: Zocor is a medicine is beneficial for many forms of illnesses. Many of these benefits have come about not as a result of laboratory studies on patients as a cholesterol reducing drug. People suffering from cardio vascular diseases and having simultaneous ailments like hypertension, have been found to be benefitting by the use of Zocor. It is a powerful drug used in lowering of lipid levels and decreasing LDL levels substantially by over 50%. It has been found to be very effective in treatment of cardio vascular diseases. Zocor like every statin product inhibits the functioning of several pathways which are responsible for producing cholesterol. There other drugs in the field, Zocor is more effective than many of them and less effective from some of them.

Side Effects: Zocor has its share of side effects like any other powerful drug. The usual disorders after use of Zocor are memory loss, indigestion, hepatic cirrhosis, abdominal pain. This happens to people who have to use Zocor continuously for long periods for the treatment of particularly serious ailments. People are prone to develop a disease called Myopathy on account of taking Zocor. Some of the side effects have been quite serious forcing the FDA to announce few recommendations regarding I Need A Small Loan Today safety while a patient is being treated with high dose of Zocor. The risk involved injury to muscles. Further FDA has also issued a warning that there may be factors leading to failure of kidneys when Zocor is administered with amiodarone. This combination has high dosage of Zocor and people advise to avoid using it.

Other Regulations: The FDA has been coming out regularly with recommendations, warnings etc; about the use of Zocor, especially if the dosage is high and it is used in combination with other drugs. The caution regarding muscle injury with particular reference to high dosages of Zocor; this warning stands even if Zocor is used in smaller dosages if the application is in combination with another drug. A further amendment of the warning of FDA has allowed the high dosage of Zocor on patients who have been using it at high dosage level for more than 12 months without any side effects. In any case starting a patient`s treatment with high dosage of Zocor has been disallowed. This is also the case with patients who are on lower dosage.

Further Restrictions And Pricing: Zocor is such a powerful drug, its usage has been critically watched by FDA o the adverse effects on the patients. Typically, there is no serious problem in using Zocor for normal or lower dosages. Problems have arisen whenever the dosage is raised to high levels or Zocor with lower dosage is given with other drugs. In fact the FDA has come out with list of drugs that should not be used on patients who are taking Zocor treatment. The chemical reaction between the two drugs results in causing adverse reactions in patients.

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