Clomid Information

One of the most commonly used fertility medications is clomiphene citrate, referred to as Clomid. It causes few side-effects. It is sold at a pretty affordable price comparing to other fertility treatment medications. You can buy clomid if you suffer from infecundity. Clomid is characterized by a high value of stimulating ovulation showing 80%.

Clomid is applied in treatment of problems with ovulation, it cannot treat any problems with blocked fallopian tubes, because it works by inducing ovulation, but if the tubes are blocked, any ovulation would be pointless, a woman would remain unfertilized as spermatozoa do not pass through the tubes.

In case of irregular cycles, or anovulatory menstruation without ovulation, a woman is recommended to try Clomid first. Clomid is applied in the treatment of infertility associated with polycystic ovarian syndrome. In cases of unexplained infertility Clomid also may be used. Clomid is recommended as alternative remedy to more expensive extracorporal fertilization, in vitro fertilization. You can buy clomid without prescription in the Internet.

Clomid should be taken strictly as indicated by the doctor. If you need to be explained or learn more detailed directions, do not hesitate to ask your doctor. Taking Clomid, you are strictly recommended to follow your doctor`s directions, because an exact dosage depends on individual health state of every woman.

However, the standard dosage of the drug is clomid 50mg, taken for five days running of your menstrual cycle. Start from the first day of your menstrual bleeding, not first spots. It is a standard protocol of drug administration. Your doctor may indicate a different protocol other than you expected, for example, clomid 50mg on the third day of menstrual cycle, in this case, follow all his prescriptions, ovulation and pregnancy rates are believed to be similar under different administration ways. When you buy clomid, store it at room temperature, away from heat, sun light, and moisture.

Clomid affects estrogen receptors in the hypophysis and ovarium. The regulation of estrogen receptors in the pituitary body depends on Clomid effect. When you take Clomid, your ovary works as it supposed to be, every month Clomid increases the number of mature follicles in the woman`s ovaries, stimulating the possibility of ovulation and pregnancy.

Thus, Clomid does not affect the estrogen level in the blood. It just helps to support follicle-stimulating hormones and luteinizing hormones occurred under the influence of estrogens on the hypophysis.

Clomid is a selective estrogen receptor inhibitor. Clomid binds the estrogen receptors in the hypophysis, and does not allow inhibiting in the hypothalamus and pituitary gland.

Do not use Clomid without consultation with your doctor, to make sure that you do not have any contraindications, such as: any endocrine disorder, thyroid problem, endometrial carcinoma, vaginal bleeding, uterine fibroids, liver disease, ovarian enlargement, or any other chronic medical disease. You are recommended to avoid Clomid use or use a lower dose if you have any of the above-mentioned conditions. You may order clomid without prescription at our website.

Be extra cautious when driving or performing any activities requiring your fast reaction and attentiveness. Do not use Clomid if you are breast-feeding a baby. Ask the doctor about possible influence on a baby. Sometimes, Clomid may cause temporal blurred vision or other side-effects associated with vision during treatment.

Seek urgently medical assistance if you experience any of symptoms of allergic reaction, such as difficulty breathing; swelling of your tongue, lips, or face.

Clomid may cause other side-effects. Inform your doctor if you observe: abdominal or pelvic pain, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea, headache, breast discomfort or tenderness, temporal blurred vision, or abnormal uterine bleeding.

For more detailed information about clomid 50mg refer to your pharmacist.

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